sta clayton: fI,...EDGAR ALLAN POE DEFINATELY WROTE THE BEALE STORY HE BACK DATED IT OTHERWISE HOW COULD HIS NAME APPEAR IN MY DECODES IF HE WASNT AROUND IN 1820 IVE PUT MY DECODING METHODS OM DIFFERENT FORUMS AND CONTACTED MANY AUTHORS BUT THEY SEE THE END OF THEIR Jan 26, 2014 16:28:04 GMT -5 The Beale Papers are entirely made up of Masonic allegory- meaning there is no physical treasure. The location of the treasure is not a physical place. Feb 4, 2014 16:45:52 GMT -5
TOMm: the treasure is real but the story and some of the dates are wrong as well as the name Beale I believe Ward or hart changed the items , some of the dates and (,)are to be combined, if you found the treasure would tell someone ? May 15, 2014 16:45:50 GMT -5
T0Mm: I can assure you that the key is still where it was hidden and it woul be hard to believe that May 15, 2014 17:07:15 GMT -5
blessing1: Hello Jul 9, 2014 17:04:59 GMT -5
alessandrosoares: hI Dec 28, 2015 15:10:09 GMT -5
alessandrosoares: you know anything about this design? Dec 28, 2015 15:11:38 GMT -5
ceehobbs: Looking for tips for finding crystals at diamond hill mine sc Jan 24, 2016 17:39:33 GMT -5
Arctic auntie: looking for holly blue Apr 26, 2016 15:11:05 GMT -5
wyeoak: Good afternoon, is this an active forum? Aug 31, 2016 13:43:22 GMT -5
Connie: Are Ellensburg blue agates and the Holly blue agates the same? Dec 5, 2016 21:22:27 GMT -5
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